Vespa Sprint 50 Sparkle White

4 890 EUR

Unleash the brilliance of the open road with the Vespa Sprint 50 Sparkle White - an exclusive limited edition that merges timeless elegance with modern allure! The displayed picture is of the standard Sprint model while the Sprint Sparkle White edition comes in an all-white finish. Saddle, handles, rims and other details are purely white, resulting in a shiny and bright edition of the classical Sprint. This edition comes in limited numbers, so make sure to get yours now.
An illustrious pedigree

A new way to ride

Every Vespa Sprint comes with an engine from the i-get family which stands for Italian Green Experience Technology, a smart new way of thinking, designing and building engine and transmission systems that deliver a truly special riding experience for Vespa owners.

Feel the vitality

Heir to that iconic generation of sporty, nimble Vespas that swarmed European towns and cities during the Swinging Sixties, today’s Vespa Sprint S 50 has most definitely inherited the fresh, carefree spirit that defined both those scooters of yesteryear and their riders, with the welcome injection of a healthy dose of state-of-the-art twenty-first century technology.

Go for a gritty look

The Vespa Sprint boasts a compact, lightweight, comfy and protective body, completely built in aluminum. Its youthful line is accented by a no-nonsense, gritty rectangular headlight and is finished in large 12″ wheels with spectacular aluminum alloy rims.