Sprint 150 S

6 790 EUR

Accentuating to the maximum the stylistic elements of sportiness, Vespa Sprint S 150 is the most aggressive version of the Vespa small body family
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6 790 EUR
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Get informed in a fun way

Sprint S makes technology its strong point thanks to the innovative instrument panel with 4.3 ” full color TFT multifunction display connected to the Vespa MIA system. The app connected to the vehicle allows you to view an incredible amount of information useful to the driver. In addition to knowing the status of the vehicle and the route traveled, the system allows you to answer phone calls using the buttons on the handlebar and to use the voice commands of your smartphone to make calls or play music, by activating a playlist.

Drive with renewed vitality

Heir to that generation of sporty Vespas that invaded the European roads in the roaring Sixties with a small body that was snappy, agile and modern like the mentality of young people driving them, Vespa Sprint S renews this vocation by combining style freshness with distinctive aesthetic details on the body. , on the tie and on the wheel rims in full Vespa style. The sporty touch is also proposed for the saddle and the dedicated color range.

Choose a gritty look

Vespa Sprint boasts a small and light body, comfortable and protective, made entirely of steel, and is characterized by a very young line, marked by a gritty rectangular headlight and stands out for its large 12 “wheels, with spectacular black alloy rims aluminum, dedicated color range and with cutting-edge technological equipment.