Sprint 125 Racing Sixties

6 190 EUR

Choose your elegance as a gentleman rider

The golden circles, the red and gold details and the graphics in two colors characterize two aesthetic proposals for a clear choice of style, always in the name of the sportiness typical of sixties gentlemen riders. Yellow graphics combined with green for an elegant sportiness with a classic style, and red graphics combined with white to express a more dynamic, fresh and modern mood.
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6 190 EUR
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Drive with renewed vitality

Heir to that generation of sporty Vespas that invaded the European roads in the roaring Sixties with a small, agile and modern body like the mentality of the young people driving them, Vespa Sprint renews this vocation at the highest levels in a special series that does not go unnoticed. in the greyness of city traffic

Choose a gritty look

Vespa Sprint boasts a small and light, comfortable and protective body, made entirely of steel, is characterized by a very young line, marked by a gritty rectangular headlight and is noted for the large 12 “wheels, with spectacular golden alloy rims. aluminum and a specially dedicated saddle.