Primavera 50 S

5 090 EUR

4 690 EUR

(Also available as 25 km/h version)

A brilliant engine combined with a truly revolutionary DNA make the Vespa Primavera S 50 a concentrate of contemporary mobility. This model does not have the MIA system and TFT display as it is incorrectly stated in the brochure.

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Adopt a new driving style

Vespa Primavera 50 cc four-stroke adopts the innovative i-get engine equipped with an integrated barometric sensor that constantly monitors the carburetion, adapting it to the driving conditions. Electronic injection and 3-valve distribution (2 intake and 1 exhaust) calibrated to favor performance and contain fuel consumption, and improved delivery and starting in all temperature conditions are the icing on the cake.

Travel any road in maximum comfort

This “small body” Vespa with its proverbial lightness demonstrates all its liveliness both in metropolitan traffic conditions and on stretches of free road. In addition to the details specially designed to make the ride smooth, quiet and comfortable, there are 12 “wheel rims that allow a perfect seal on all surfaces and in all driving conditions.

Join a new revolution

By putting two wheels and an engine at the disposal of the changing world, Vespa Primavera made its first appearance at the end of the 1960s as a breath of fresh air. Tracing its epochal success, Vespa Primavera renews that myth by putting it in fresh and light lines, and becoming an example of style and technology, thus giving life to a “new spring”

Get noticed in traffic

Vespa Primavera is fresh, light, lively but above all colorful! Dedicated color range, chrome finishes, gray aluminum alloy rims with diamond coating, shield edges and mudguard crest also in gray embellish the body of the S version. A wide palette that is renewed every year.