Primavera 150

6 690 EUR

Drive responsibly

Vespa Primavera is equipped with a 150 cc engine whose mechanical and electronic components are designed to minimize noise pollution (thanks to the emission of a softer and more pleasant tone), optimize fuel consumption and ensure brilliant performance. This results in an improvement in the starter motor and the transmission casing, in addition to the significant reduction in noise from the exhaust pipe (medium and medium-high frequencies).
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6 690 EUR
87 EUR / mån
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Join a new revolution

By putting two wheels and an engine at the disposal of the changing world, Vespa Primavera made its first appearance at the end of the 1960s as a breath of fresh air. Tracing its epochal success, Vespa Primavera renews that myth by putting it in fresh and light lines, and becoming an example of style and technology, thus giving life to a “new spring”.

Travel any road in maximum comfort

This “small body” Vespa with its proverbial lightness demonstrates all its liveliness both in metropolitan traffic conditions and on free roads. In addition to the details specially designed to make the ride smooth, silent and comfortable, there are 12 ”wheel rims that allow perfect grip on all surfaces and in all driving conditions.

Get noticed in traffic

Vespa Primavera is fresh, light, lively but above all colorful! Chrome finishes and Dust Gray rims frame a colorful body: from the iconic Innocenza White with black saddle to the trendy Green Relax with light brown saddle. A wide palette that is renewed every year.