GTS 125 SuperTech

7 850 EUR

Exclusive features, the latest innovations and a decidedly modern look. Meet the Vespa GTS SuperTech, the kingpin of the GTS range.
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7 850 EUR
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One of a kind

Exclusive TFT display

With its 125cc i-get engine with Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System, riding is instant and oh-so-smooth, even when you’re constantly having to stop and go in busy traffic. The 4.3-inch full-colour TFT display makes it easy to keep an eye on everything, while there’s also great news on the Vespa MIA front. A handy app that connects your smartphone and scooter, it comes as standard kit on the GTS SuperTech and also includes a GPS navigator*. Riding has never been easier or more enjoyable!

MIA Eco Ride & Help Call

Once you’ve connected the Vespa MIA system, there’s another treat in store with MIA Eco Ride, an exciting brand-new function. Simply activate the navigator, select your preferred CO2 emissions level and the system will come up with a route designed to reduce fuel consumption. That’s not all, however. The MIA app collates ABS and incline sensor data, enabing you to send an automatic SOS message with your location coordinates should you have an accident or find yourself in trouble.**

Classic yet avant-guarde

The latest technologies meet timeless Vespa design in a glorious combination of shiny, textural and matt colours that create dramatic interplays of light and contrast. High-tech finishes in warm grey and fluorescent green catch the eye, while elements such as the seat in high-quality materials with contrast stitching, the underseat compartment with LED lighting and the appealing design of the many other details are just some of the reasons that Vespa scooters continue to remain a one-of-a-kind species.