GTV 300

9 300 EUR


The Vespa GTV is a celebration of the bold, intriguing side of Vespa

The new GTV embraces the travelling spirit of the famous “vespone” with a brand-new livery and look that emphasises its sporty personality, in a striking combination of modern, classic and intrepid. 
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9 300 EUR
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Design that makes a difference

The latest model takes the most iconic features of the GTV such as its distinctive exposed tubular handlebar and low headlamp on the front mudguard and adds elegant high-tech elements that emphasise its innovative character. The single-seat, two-tone saddlefairing and matt black details are just some of the features that give the Vespa GTV its bold, sporty personality, while the five-spoke matt black wheel rims and contrasting orange graphics on the side are a nod to the racing world.

High-tech features for easy riding

Full LED lighting, totally digital instrumentation and keyless ignition are all designed to make the GTV a practical and easy-to-use bike for everyday use, wrapped up in a modern, elegant style that is recognisable in the blink of an eye.

Power that ignites emotion

The 300-cc single-cylinder HPE (High Performance Engine) ensures the Vespa GTV delivers gritty performance. With four-valve timing, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection it offers up to 17.5 kW (23.8 hp), making it the most powerful engine ever fitted on a Vespa.


The spacious and comfortable two-tone saddle with its single-seat appearance features sporty orange trim and can be accessorised by a removable cover.


The “neck-tie” with its triple air vents on either side and orange central grilles combines with the fairing to echo the racing spirit that has always been part of the Vespa GTV’s DNA.


The elegant circular instrument panel is totally digital and is designed for use with Vespa MIA (optional extra) meaning you have access to a host of extra functions. Keyless ignition comes as standard, so that you don’t even need to remove the key from your pocket to block, unblock or start your bike. The same remote opens the seat and includes the handy Bike Finder function which activates the indicators from a distance.

Listen to your Bold Side

Choose the road less travelled and stand out from the crowd with the Vespa GTV. You won’t be able to do without its sporty and bold character.