GTS 125 Touring

7 390 EUR

An innate aptitude for travel is expressed in the extraordinary dynamic technology of a lively engine that turns even the most banal errand into a mini-adventure.
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7 390 EUR
96 EUR / mån
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Cut through city traffic with ease

The 125 i-get engine with Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System is ideal for daily running around town where you often find yourself having to stop and start.  Its agility, explosive restart and smooth gear change are a winning combination in such situations.

Turn an errand into a fun outing, wherever you are

Designed with travel in mind, the GTS Touring 125 comes with a rear rack and screen as standard.  Its lively 125 i-get engine and high-tech infotainment system make every trip a pleasure, even if you’re just nipping around town.

You can always count on a classic

Manufactured in the signature Vespa sturdy steel frame, along with wide-section tyres and dual disc braking system which includes ABS. The Vespa GTS is the king of safety and reliability.